UPDATE:  Hey, this site is old, and no longer relavent.  These days I’m blogging about “bending the age curve” as GarmaOnHealth.com.  Check it out!


“Mortgage Income Ruminations” has been created as a place for people interested in learning about and/or presenting information and insights about mortgages and mortgage-derived income; meaning, income earned by investors from holding mortgage oriented investments.

After having earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in Economics and Finance from the University of California, Santa Barbara, I began my career as a financial analyst, then in sales and marketing for E.F. Hutton and JCM Financial. Over ten years ago, I jumped into the world of software, becoming part of a start-up named Utopia Technology.When we sold Utopia five years later, I was pulled into the dot com craze as a consultant.I thought I’d get rich from all the options I earned (as my only compensation – yuk!).Eventually, what soared crashed, and I started working for cash as I contemplated my next move.

What happened next was Capital Alliance, creator and manager of a fixed-income mortgage fund.


I’m responsible for equity sales and marketing; I’ve returned to my roots.

So, I wanted to create a forum about mortgages, something freewheeling and insightful, and this is it.

Thanks for visiting, and for your comments.

Joe Garma

Me in Dubrovnik, 10/2005


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